Pioneer Sportsman Inc. Scholarship 


Amount:  TBD – Based on the number of scholarship winners.


Eligibility:  Offered to any high school senior pursuing higher education who is a son or daughter of an active member of Pioneer sportsmen Inc. Scholarship applications are available to any high school senior, regardless of age, provided that they will complete high school this year or receive a GED, and that they provide evidence of having applied to or having been accepted into a program of study beyond High School level.


Process: The Applicant will complete or submit all of the following:

1.     Application - Pioneer Scholarship Application

2.     Essay Answer(s)

3.     Affidavit of Membership

4.     Other Information or Data, as required.


The application, together with the essay answer, will be delivered to Pioneer Sportsmen scholarship committee (see address below) on or by a date specified.  The scholarship chairmen or his designee will open and assign a code to each applicant and each item will carry a code forward on each and every document.   Any application which is incomplete will be rejected and not considered further.                             

Essay Response: Pioneer Sportsmen will design one essay question in advance of the application process.  The Scholarship Committee will review each essay and determine from those submitted, the best response.  All entries must be typewritten, neatness and organization of the application and its documentation is very important! 

Other Data: The Scholarship committee may at its discretion require additional information to supplement the application process or to corroborate application entries or essay responses. 

Application Submission - Application forms and rules will be made available to all interested members, with newsletter notices, on our web site

Application must be postmarked by July 31st, 2021 

Applications must be mailed to:

Pioneer Sportsmen Scholarship Committee

PO Box 403.

Concord, NH 03302-0403               

Application and Essay - All applications will be reviewed during the month of August.  Winning applications will be chosen by the Scholarship Committee to be the subject of final review, using the combination of community activities, work experience, club activity and the essay to determine which individual will receive the award.  

The Scholarship Committee will assign award recognition to the selected applicant(s), and the winner(s) will be announced at a time and location deemed appropriate by the committee Chairmen or his designee by the end of August .