Air Pistol / Rifle

Program Summary:

The PSI Indoor 10 meter Air Pistol and 10 meter Air Rifle is a great way to keep the sport going even when it gets too cold outside, too white outside, dark too early or all of the above.  Starting October ( see calendar) PSI currently offers a 10 Meter league air event every Tuesday night at the club when special steel backstops are hung from the ceiling just 10 Meters (33 Feet) from the regular 8 Position firing line.  Since pistol and rifle share the same distance, they can shoot side by side.  The only difference is the size of the target.

Results will be collected and published to participants for purposes of monitoring progress.  Although the PSI air program is run low keyed, 10 meter air pistol and air rifle is quite a serious sport in the rest of the world.  Both sports are Olympic events and if you want to learn more about the sport have a look at this link for pistol and this link for rifle.  Both are generic Wikipedia entries, but they are well done and give you a feel for what is going on outside of the States. 


What:  10m Indoor target air pistol and target air rifle.  (.177 cal pellets with iron sights)

When: Tuesdays at 5 and 6 pm ( 2 lines) starting in October ( check calendar)  until April 1

Where: Club indoor range, Dunbarton, NH.

How much: $2, official targets provided. 


The club has a limited quantity of loaner pistol equipment which consists of a Daisy 747. Don't put your nose up at a Daisy.  They use Walther barrels and are exceedingly accurate.  If you enjoy the sport you can pick up an IZH-46M for short money and begin to develop your skills.  If you shoot Bullseye or Metallic Silhouette, there is no better winter training.  If you get hooked, there are sanctioned matches for both rifle and pistol in greater New England and numerous postal leagues.  A great way to keep those skills you developed over the summer alive and well until the snow melts. 


Shooters use an ISSF 10m Air Pistol or Air Rifle Target and they will be provided to the shooter.  At PSI men have up to 75 minutes to shoot 60 shots for a maximum score of 600.  Women shoot 40 shots in 50 minutes. At PSI women shoot with the men and we rarely use more than 60 minutes for 60 shots.  There is no rush and we finish when the last shooter is finished.  


Eye and ear protection is strongly encouraged.  Binoculars or some form of magnification is helpful to see the pellet hole at 10m as our targets are fixed.  This is most critical for rifle as their target is smaller.  Most pistol shooters have a small pair or binoculars to confirm the placement of their pellet.  A piece of weed eater line should be used in your open chamber to indicate the chamber is empty.  Timer, pen, pellets are also helpful things to bring along.

 Who should attend:

Anyone interested in improving their marksmanship, pistol or rifle is invited.  If you are a rifle shooter and want to borrow equipment please contact Tom Duffy @ 603-660-9662 or in advance to see what arrangements can be made.  The club has both loaner rifles and pistols.

PSI would like to grow this sport so please do your part and get involved.  If there is interest, the sky is the limit and maybe someday the club will be hosting a sanctioned match.  The indoor range is perfect for supporting an indoor air program. 

Any questions or want to get on the Airgun distribution list contact Tom Duffy @ 603-660-9662 or    See you Tuesday  nights! 

For more discussion about target shooting please see