Metallic Silhouette

Metallic silhouette is a target shooting disciplines that involves shooting at steel targets at varying distances, seeking to knock the metal targets over. This sport is offered across the US as well as other countries and includes multiple firearm categories from high power rifles to air rifles and air pistols. A typical match is 40 shots at 40 metal silhouettes. The metal silhouettes are made up of 4 sets of 10 targets with each set being a different animal at a different distance. Pioneer Sportsman (PSI) offers 10 shooting categories on a 100 meter range with a covered firing line and 24 shooting positions. 

Club Rifle – Smallbore Scoped and Smallbore Iron Sights are local, NH only shooting categories. It is our entry category and is for anyone, experienced or first time shooter. The category name Smallbore refers to the ammunition that can be shot and is restricted to 22LR. The two categories refer to whether you are using a scope or the stock iron sights most firearms come with.

NRA Smallbore Cowboy and Pistol Cartridge Cowboy are for lever action or slide action (pump) rifles (like “The Rifleman”). Smallbore uses 22LR cartridges and Pistol Cartridge uses any pistol cartridge that is available in a lever action rifle. One of the most common is 357 Magnum.

NRA Smallbore Rifle and Smallbore Hunter Rifle are the most challenging categories we offer at PSI. The firearm used is typically a scoped target rifle with a 5 shot magazine. There are restrictions that define eligible rifles for each category. The targets are very small (1/5 size) and are set at distances that are different than the other categories we offer at PSI.

NRA Smallbore Hunter Pistol and Smallbore Hunter Pistol Scoped are two of our handgun categories. As is with other smallbore categories, 22LR is the only ammunition allowed. Any handgun; single shot, semi-auto or revolver with or without a scope can be used.

NRA Hunter Pistol and Hunter Pistol Scoped are the two other handgun categories. The only thing that sets this category apart from smallbore pistol is that pistol caliber cartridges are used.

All NRA category matches are sanctioned by the National Rifle Association. Competitors registered with the NRA are eligible for awards when benchmarks are met.


All targets are made of steel cut to the shape of animal silhouettes. All categories PSI offers shoot at official NRA 1/2 size targets except the two NRA Smallbore Rifle categories which shoot at 1/5 size targets.

Distances to targets

2024 PSI Match Schedule 

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Sunday, June 9, 2024

Sunday, July 21, 2024

Sunday, August 18, 2024

Sunday, October 13, 2024

PSI Silhouette match results

Other locations offering Silhouette in New Hampshire

Pemigewasset Fish and Game Club, 295 Beede Road, Holderness, NH -

Pemi offers Cowboy Lever Action silhouette on the 4th weekend of the warmer months of the year (approx March through October). Pemi’s 2021 schedule:

Purgatory Falls Fish and Game Club, Upton Rd, Mont Vernon, NH

Purgatory offers the same shooting categories as Pioneer and has matches on the 1st Sunday of each of the warmer months of the year (approx May through October). Purgatory’s 2021 schedule:


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