Youth Program

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Objectives of 4‐H Shooting Sports Program

The 4‐H Shooting Sports Program strives to enable young people, their parents and adult

volunteers to become responsible, self‐directed and productive members of society.

Professionals, leaders, instructors and coaches must understand the goals and objectives of

the 4‐H program. The program transfers knowledge, skills and attitudes to develop human

capital, using the subject matter and resources of the land‐grant universities.

Some of the specific goals and objectives of the 4‐H Shooting Sports Program are to:

• promote the highest standards of safety, sportsmanship, and

ethical behavior;

• teach decision making, teamwork, self discipline, self‐confidence,

and problem solving;

• encourage an appreciation and understanding of natural resources;

• develop leadership abilities;

• build character and willingness to assume citizenship responsibility;

• furnish enjoyable, positive relationships with peers and adult instructors;

• strengthen families through participation in lifelong recreational activities;

• build awareness of related career opportunities;

• compliment and enhance the impact of existing safety, shooting and hunter

education programs.

Remember the differences in the age, experience, abilities and development of young

people when programs are presented. Refer to a publication on ages and stages of

development to be sure appropriate methods are used to reach the objectives.

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