Bullseye Precision Pistol

We have an active group of pistol shooters who practice and shoot in competition on a year round basis. There are three leagues throughout the year meeting on Wednesday nights.

An indoor winter season and an indoor spring season, for .22 only and an outdoor summer season for 2 gun matches of both .22 and centerfire. Shooters without a centerfire gun may shoot .22 in both of the 2-gun matches.


The Pioneer Bullseye Pistol League indoor winter season consists of 40 separate 30-shot NRA Gallery Matches, 2 matches fired each week on our heated indoor range from October through March. Our winter pistol league runs for 20 Wednesdays (skipping some holiday weeks and snow days). When shooting indoors, three relays run at 5:00 PM, 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM on our eight point 50-foot range. If an extra point is open on a relay, you may shoot a banked match or practice.


Our indoor spring season is from March through May, with one .22 caliber 900 match each week. ( not being held this year)


We have a summer Outdoor Pistol League each Wednesday evening, that must end before official sundown, on our covered 18 point 50-yard range. This league consists of an NRA 30 shot .22 match and an NRA 30 shot center fire match. We shoot Slow Fire at 50 yards, while Timed Fire and Rapid Fire is at 25 yards. Shooters who do not own a centerfire gun may use .22 for both matches.


Bullseye pistol consists of shooting one handed at paper targets, at either 50 feet indoors or 50 yards/25 yards outdoors. The basic course of fire is to shoot 10 shots in 10 minutes at a slow fire target. The next stage is 5 shots in 20 seconds on a timed/rapid target. (This is done twice for a total of 10 shots on the target). The third stage is to do the same thing as the timed fire match, only it’s 5 shots in 10 seconds. This makes up one complete match, known as either a gallery match if shot indoors, or a National Match Course if fired outdoors. During the summer months we shoot one Rimfire National Match Course followed by a Centerfire National Match Course to make up a 600 point 2 gun match.


Current NRA Conventional Pistol Rules will govern all matches.

For more information contact Discipline Chair - Tom Duffy at tom.duffy@pioneersportsmen.org