Range J – Silhouette – 40, 50, 75, 100 Meter

1.     Before shooting, make absolutely certain that nobody is downrange.

2.     No shooting before 8:00 AM or after sunset.

3.     Keep muzzle pointed downrange at all times.

4.     The silhouette range is divided into 4 different shooting ranges. When practicing, attach paper targets between the steel rails so the center of the target is centered between the two steel rails, this will prevent damage to the steel rails. Be sure bullet and trajectory are such that bullet impacts the smaller berms just behind the target area.

5.     The firing line MUST be safe before anyone goes downrange. Actions open, magazine removed, gun cleared and stored, placed on bench, Empty Chamber Indicators (ECI) should be placed in chamber, holstered, or placed into shooting bag). Do not handle or touch any firearms when someone else is downrange!

6.     .22 and approved straight wall center fired pistol cartridges only may be fired on the Silhouette Range (No "MAGNUM"). No shotguns

7.     Do not move tables or barrels (other than trash barrels) on the Silhouette Range.

8.     All shooters must shoot from the same firing line. Shooters must share the range. While it is permissible to shoot from forward of the established firing line, if others wish to use the same range then you must move back to the established firing line within a reasonable time frame. (30 minutes)

9.     A common shooting line must be established. There is no shooting to the left or right on the range and the shooting line must be under the covered roof or before.

10.  Clean up the range when you are done. Pick up your targets and any other trash on the ranges. This is every member's responsibility.

11.  During winter this range will be closed; date of closure shall be determined by the CSRO and will be posted at the clubhouse on the monitor and on the web site.

12.  These rules will be posted on the silhouette range. Members are expected to know and obey all range rules, including the general rules.