Range B - Plate Rack

1.     Before shooting, make absolutely certain that nobody is downrange.

2.     No shooting before 8:00 AM or after sunset.

3.     Please refer to the ammunition restrictions as outlined above in the general range rules while shooting steel targets.

4.     Keep muzzle pointed downrange at all times.

5.     The firing line MUST be safe before anyone goes downrange. (Actions open, gun cleared and stored, placed on bench, holstered, or placed into shooting bag or slung muzzle down). Do not handle or touch any firearms when someone else is downrange!

6.     Shoot only from the designated area.

7.     Only Straight wall Pistol cartridges allowed NO MAGNUMS

8.     Only Straight wall Pistol caliber carbines are allowed, NO MAGNUMS

9.     No Shotgun or Rifle calibers allowed on this range.

10.  Only one shooter at a time should be shooting the plate rack. All shooters must shoot from the same firing line Shooters must share the range.

11.  During winter this range will be closed; date of closure shall be determined by The CSRO and will be posted in the clubhouse and on the web site.

12.  Members violating any of the Plate Rack range rules will be subject to disciplinary action by the BOD up to loss of membership. (no refund)

13.  These rules will be posted on the Action ranges.  Members are expected to know and obey all range rules, including the general rules, which will be posted in the clubhouse.