1.     Inspect indoor range for damage and any unsafe condition before use. Report any damage or unsafe conditions as outlined above immediately as outlined in the general rules above.

2.     Bullet Strikes into the ceiling, walls, floor or benches, must be reported immediately as outlined in the general rules above.

3.     Refer to the ammunition restrictions as outlined above in the general range rules.

4.     Keep muzzle pointed downrange at all times.

5.     Uncase firearms with muzzle pointed downrange.

6.     It is strongly recommended to use Empty Chamber Indicators (ECI)

7.     The firing line MUST be safe before anyone goes downrange. Actions open, magazine removed, gun cleared and stored, placed on bench, Empty Chamber Indicators (ECI) placed in chamber, holstered, or placed into shooting bag. Do not handle or touch any firearms when someone else is downrange!

8.     No magnums allowed (including 22 magnum).

9.     .22 caliber only on positions 1 & 8.

10.  Range door must be kept closed at all times.

11.  Air blowers must be on when shooting (except air guns).

12.  Sweep up and pick up your brass before leaving the range.

13.  Indoor range may be used 24hrs a day every day. The only exceptions are when events are posted on the web site calendar.

14.  No shooting closer than 7yds from the backstop. While IDPA target stands and posts may be used on the Indoor range, shooters should square up to the shooting lanes when placing targets. The appropriate angle of impact on the backstop should be between the 2 feet and 5 feet. No target should be placed up range from the 7yd range line.

15.  Shooters sharing the range will shoot from a common firing line.

16.  The firing line for all shooters must be no closer than the 7yd line and no further than the 50ft line.

17.  Shooters must share the range. While it is permissible to shoot from forward of the established firing line, if others wish to use the same range then you must move back to a mutually agreed to firing line within a reasonable time period (30 minutes).

18.  Indoor range is accessed with a key code. Only members, their associates and guest may access this range with a valid key code. Key codes may be obtained from the Vice President or his designee.


Low Light

Low Light is a restricted access activity and subject to the Restricted Access policy of PSI as documented on the web site. Those approved to perform Low Light practice will post a “Low Light Shooting Practice in Progress” on the exterior of the main clubhouse door as well as on the entry to the Indoor Range. Low Light does not mean no light. There must be enough ambient light present for the shooters hands and firearm to be observed at all times.