The Pioneer Sportsmen Inc. (“PSI”) Board of Directors (“BOD”) believes that safety is the most important goal of the shooting sports. Therefore, these rules must be strictly enforced in order to maintain the high level of safety, which this club must maintain, in order to survive, promote, and further the shooting sports.


If you have any questions regarding the range rules please contact the Chief Range Safety Officer (CRSO) and his staff of Assistant RSO's at the following email address:


IMPORTANT NOTE: We have residential neighbors: No shooting firearms outdoors before 8:00 AM or after sundown! Use NHF&G law book to determine sunset times. Sunset times will be posted on the electronic bulletin board in the clubhouse and on each range.


1.     All members and guests of members must sign in and out of the logbook every time you are on club property. You must print clearly, and enter your Key number. Each guest or associate member must pay a range fee at the clubhouse or the archery building, only once each day. Range Fees are listed below. The range fees will be placed in the provided envelope and deposited in the clubhouse or the archery building. Members must have direct supervision over their guests and associates. Members with tenure with one (1) year or more are limited to having a maximum of three (3) guests and/or associate members signed in at any one time. Members with less than one (1) year tenure are allowed one (1) guest or associate member.  Members will ensure guests follow all club rules and regulations. Members whose guests violate any rules or regulations are subject to disciplinary action by the BOD, which could result in the loss of membership with no refund of club dues.

2.     All members and associate members must have their current membership cards in their possession when on club property.

3.     Any member using the range in an unsafe manner, or destroying club property will be subject to disciplinary action by the BOD up to and including expulsion.

4.     No alcoholic beverages or drugs, specifically illegal drugs, prescription and over the counter drugs that impede awareness. PSI has a Zero tolerance for the use and consumption of Drugs and Alcohol. If you are found shooting after consuming alcohol or drugs, your membership will be revoked without a refund.

5.     Range availability is subject to scheduled events. Check the message board inside clubhouse and the website before driving or walking to the ranges. During events, some or all ranges may be closed.  Set up and preparation for certain events may close the ranges prior to that event.

6.     All Rules and Regulations are subject to the discretion of the BOD. Some rules are subject to modifications during certain approved events (with range safety officers present), or for training purposes only.

7.     All members are responsible for immediately correcting any unsafe conditions.

8.     Minimum age to use the gun ranges - 9 years old with a club member present supervising.

9.     Ages 9 - 12 years old are restricted to .22 Rim Fire or Air Gun ONLY

10.  Ages 13+ can use center fire

11.  Age Limitations are superseded by sanctioned event rules

12.  These rules and regulations will be posted on the bulletin board in the clubhouse and on PSI web site.

Range Fees


Annual Member

No Range Fee

Life Members

No Range Fee

Associate Members




Guest with Certified Instructor




1.     Associate Members are defined as the spouse or dependents 22  years of age or under of the Annual/Life Member.

2.     Guests are defined as all other individuals accompanying the Annual/Life Member.


Range fees will be placed in the provided envelope and deposited in the clubhouse or the archery building.

Reporting Damage and Safety Issues

All damage and/or safety issues must be reported to the Chief Range Safety Officer (CRSO) and his staff of Assistant RSO's. Members should email items to report along with pictures of the damage to the following email address:

Shooting with Others

General guidelines when shooting with others:

·       Be courteous and share the range.

·       WAIT for the range to be Cleared and deemed SAFE before going downrange

·       ONE PERSON should act as the safety officer

·       ANY ONE CAN CALL A CEASE FIRE if a danger is seen.

·       30 Minute Rule:

While shooting forward of the standard firing line is permissible, if others desire to shoot on the same range please establish a common firing line within 30 min to allow the others to shoot with you.



Firearms in the Clubhouse/Classroom

Only NRA Certified instructors (Approved by BOD) may handle firearms (Or students under direct Instructor supervision for instruction or disassembly and cleaning) in the classroom after determining there is no ammunition in the classroom. The firearms must have an empty chamber indicator when not being handled. 

Firearm Policy

All firearms on club property must be holstered/cased with the safety engaged until on a firing line or made safe at a designated area.


Any cased firearm will be uncased and cased on a shooting bench or at the firing line, safety table or an area specified for the same. Any uncased firearm will be unloaded with action open and should have an Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI) inserted in the chamber while moving that firearm.

Restricted Range Access/Activities

A Restricted Access Policy has been adopted by PSI in 2013. Specific policies for gaining access to the Restricted Range Access List and the specific protocols regarding Restricted Range Access can be found on the web site here.


Any range may become restricted and fall under the guidelines of the Restricted Range Access Policy under the following conditions:

·       Steel targets are set up (Even if they are covered with a bag or tarp)

·       IDPA props are set up. Props include but not limited to Steel Poppers, Automobiles, Swinging Targets, Bear Trap Targets, and special barricades…