Action Pistol, Rifle & Shotgun Ranges (Range C – Smoke ‘n Hope, Range D - Wall, Range E – House, Range F – Baby Bay, Range G – Lake Bay)

1.     The hours of permissible shooting are 8:00am to Sunset.

2.     Please refer to the ammunition restrictions as outlined above in the general range rules if steel targets are on the range.

3.     There are multiple clearly marked Safety Area tables on the Action Pistol, Rifle & Shotgun ranges. Those shooters, who need to “gear up” prior to participating at a practical shooting event, or to practice those activities, should make use of these designated Safety Areas. Shooters are reminded that NO AMMUNITION IS TO BE HANDLED while you are using these Safety Areas.

4.     There are also several permanent tables (with blue barrel pedestals) on the Action Pistol, Rifle & Shotgun ranges. These tables are there for the placement of equipment (such as range bags) ONLY. It is not safe to handle firearms at these tables while others are downrange.

5.     There are also several large moveable wooden tables on the Action Pistol, Rifle & Shotgun ranges. Please note: Due to the fact that these tables are moveable, they may not always be properly positioned to allow for safe gun handling on that particular range. Please reposition them if necessary. Also, when using these tables, please have all participants stand on the up range side of the table (so everyone is facing the downrange berm.) It is not safe to have people facing each other while handling firearms at these or any other table.

6.     The Action Pistol, Rifle & Shotgun ranges have been designed to accommodate IDPA, Steel Challenge and other practical shooting events. For these purposes, two ranges, and certain activities are RESTRICTED, and subject to the PIONEER RESTRICTED ACCESS COURSE (PRAC) guidelines (which can be found on the PSI website).

a.      The WALL and HOUSE ranges are restricted to those members who have taken the PRAC. Additionally, ranges where Steel Challenge targets or props for upcoming events are present will also be restricted until they are removed from the range after the event.

b.     Members wishing to pursue the use of the restricted ranges should register online on the club website to take the PRAC.

7.     Pistols, rifles, and shotguns may be used on these ranges. (Those using shotguns must make sure that all shot or slugs impact into the berm. The use of thrown targets is prohibited.) The use of 50BMG or calibers of similar ballistics are NOT permitted on PSI property.

8.     Target Placement and Approved Targets

a.      Targets will be placed in such a manner that all projectiles safely impact into the berms, poppers, or Steel Challenge targets. (No targets may be placed up range of the YELLOW tipped stakes on each side of the range.)

b.     Paper targets are to be placed in a target stand so that projectiles will strike the proper impact area of the berm, (which is between 2-5 feet from the bottom of the berm). Practical shooters are reminded that a Course of Fire with targets of varying heights will result in projectile impacts of potentially dramatic differences, based on the placement of the targets, the stature of the shooter, or the shooting position (standing, kneeling, or prone). Anyone caught setting targets in a manner that causes projectiles to ricochet or leave the range, will be brought before the BOD for disciplinary action and risk loss of membership. (No refund.)

c.      Use only club-approved targets (paper or cardboard). No bowling pins, golf balls, bottles, cans, propane tanks, clay pigeons, exploding targets, ECT. Exceptions maybe granted by the BOD for organized events.

9.     Shooting on the Action Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun ranges

a.      Shooters sharing a range will shoot from a common firing line. The firing line for ALL shooters must be within the side berms of the range. (ALL firing must occur downrange of the RED tipped stakes on each side of the range.)

b.     Keep muzzle pointed in a safe direction at all times.

c.      Keep action open and unloaded until ready to shoot (Empty Chamber Indicators are recommended). If bringing several firearms to the range, please do not uncase them all at once, but rather as you use them.

d.     Always verify that no one is downrange prior to shooting. Do not handle or touch any firearms when someone else is downrange!

e.      Prior to shooting, verify that everyone on the range has eye and ear protection in place.

f.       Keep finger off the trigger until sights are on the target.

g.      No hip shooting or unsighted fire.

h.     Firearms will not be pointed higher than parallel to the ground while shooting. (For example: shooters may not begin the aiming process by pointing a firearm skyward, and then brining the muzzle down to engage the target.)

10.  Please clean up the range when you’re done shooting. Pick up your targets and any other trash on the ranges. This is every member’s responsibility.

11.  During winter these ranges are subject to being closed; date of closure shall be determined by the CSRO, and posted on the PSI website.

12.  These rules will be posted on the Action Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun ranges. Members are expected to know and obey all range rules.