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USPSA - Pioneer Action Shooters (NE29)

Pioneer Action Shooters is a United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) club that started in 2016. Our matches are typically the 4th Sunday of the month unless it conflicts with another activity at the club or a major match. We typically have 6 stages, with one of them being a classifier.

You do not need to be a member of USPSA or Pioneer Sportsmen, Inc to compete in our matches. They are open to the public. To compete, you need to have gear appropriate for the USPSA division you are shooting. The following divisions are offered at PAS: Open, Limited, Limited 10, Production, Single Stack, Pistol Caliber Carbine and Carry Optics. If you have any questions about gear or divisions, please ask us using the contact info at the bottom of the page.

Registration for each match opens several weeks prior to the match date. Please register online at Practiscore. The link will be in the match list. Please verify your information to avoid any errors in your registration. You may squad yourself at the end of the registration process. Make sure to click the Squad button at the bottom of the squadding page or it won't submit your request.

Stage setup is the day before the match starting at 9am. Please help set up, even if it's just for a short time, your help is appreciated. Setup crew will receive $10 off their match fee.

Parking is in the large field in front of the clubhouse. Check-in is at the clubhouse between 8:15 and 9:00 am on match day. Pay the fee and verify your squad, division and USPSA number (if you have one).  Pioneer Sportsmen Inc members are $20, non-Pioneer members are $25 and Juniors (under 18) are $10. Staff working the match shoot for free. A Special Classifer match typically has an additional $5 fee.

The shooter's meeting is at 9:00 am in the parking lot in front of the clubhouse, the squads will be called out and you will proceed to your starting stage.

If you would like to volunteer to work the match, sign up as staff on the registration form and squad yourself on the staff squad. If you have a request to work on a certain squad, please let us know and we will do our best to put you there.

Firearms may only be handled at the Safety Table or under the direct supervision of a Range Officer. You may not handle unbagged, unholstered or uncased firearms in the parking lot or at the tables on the bays. If you arrive with a loaded carry gun, please let a staff member know and we can take you to an area to unload. We highly encourage lawful concealed carry, but we run all USPSA matches on a cold range. When you leave, let a staff member know that you need to load up your carry gun and we'll get you taken care of quickly.

Most matches are catered, please bring some extra money to support our catering staff. We will let you know in a shooter's email before the match if we will not have catering.

2018 USPSA Match Dates
Apr 22nd - USPSA Multi-Gun
Apr 29th - USPSA Level I Match
May 27th - Special Classifier Match
Jun 22-24th - Area 7 Championship
Jul 29th - USPSA Multi-Gun
Aug 19th - USPSA Multi-Gun
Aug 26th - USPSA Level I Match
Sep 22-23th - Aiming For Zero Match
Oct 28th - USPSA Level I Match
Nov 11th - USPSA Level I Match

If you have any questions, please contact Kevin Anderson at kandersn@me.com

Previous Match Results
2017 Match Results

2016 Match Results

Chair:  Kevin Anderson - kandersn@me.com
Co-Chair:  Mike Briggs - mmbriggs@comcast.net
Co-Chair:  Kelly Perkins - echoridgellc@yahoo.com
Co-Chair:  John Becker - johnbecker267@gmail.com

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