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2016 "LFoD" Championship - REGISTRATION OPENS 9:00pm 07/10/2016

Hello Shooters!!

That's right! Registration for the 2016 Ruger "Live Free or Die" IDPA Championship Match opens Sunday, July 23rd, 2016 at 9:00pm. Participation for this match is always strong and spots go quickly! You can create your registration profile now, but you cannot place yourself on a squad till precisely 9:00pm. http://www.matchreg.com/nh/

Pioneer IDPA & Pioneer Sportsmen, Inc. are proud to announce Ruger Firearms as the title sponsor of the 2016 "Live Free or Die" NH State IDPA Championship Match  to be held October 1st & 2nd! 

"It seems only fitting that one of the most notable and iconic firearms manufacturers with production facilities in the Granite State, be our title sponsor for our match, which has become an annual tradition for IDPA Shooters who travel as far away as Ohio." said Match Director, Jonathan Wolfe. "Several Ruger employees participate regularly in our IDPA program, generously donating countless hours in order to make our program exciting and vibrant. We spend a lot of time and effort creating stages, which contributes to the shooter's experience of realism, seldom seen at other matches at this level." continued Wolfe.

As the last major IDPA match of the season in New England, the Ruger "LFoD" Championship is also the crowning match of the Apex "King of New England" series which was revived this season with the return of the MA State Championship match. Registration for Ruger LFoD opens on Sunday, July 10th, 2016 at 9:00pm on www.matchreg.com In past seasons slots have sold out in less than 2 hours so interested shooters should be online and ready when registration opens.   

This year our match theme will be "2A - All the Way!" a celebration of our Constitution's Second Amendment. Just as in the past 3 years, we are putting a lot of effort into the creation of our stages, in order to create the realism shooters have grown to anticipate and enjoy when shooting at Pioneer IDPA and you can anticipate many of the complements you have come to enjoy will be back. The unforgettable hayride will be return, delivering shooters from one end of the range to the other and as always, you won't be brown bagging it at our match. Our friends from Payton's Catering will be on hand providing high quality, tasty food we have become extremely fond of! This year there will be more choices than just hamburgers and hotdogs. Try some of Londi's smoked chicken wings, BBQ pulled pork, beef chili and Italian sausage which were a big hit at our monthly matches this season.
Finally, returning will be the "King of New England" series sponsored by Apex Tactical Specialties. Those shooters who will have participated in the Massachusetts State Match, New England Regional Match and the crowning match, "Live Free or Die" NH State Championship will have a shot at being crowned King! Do you have what it takes to be king? The silver cup awaits it's rightful owner!
We hope to make this one of the most memorable seasons! 
Jonathan Wolfe - IDPA Chair/Director
Pioneer Sportsmen, Inc.

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