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Down Range
The Unofficial Journal of Pioneer Sportsmen’s Club November 2012
✓ The Board of Directors appointed John
Bates as Archery Director. John is an avid archery hunter (he just bagged a deer last weekend) and hopefully will be able to get our archery program moving in the right direction. They also appointed Richard Brown Assistant XO reporting to Arnold Barnes, XO. Most of Richard's responsibilities will be for the outdoor areas. Both John's and Richard's contact information is on the website. In addition Doug Kimball has been renamed indoor range Guru. The reason the indoor range remains looking so good is because of Doug.
✓ Archery, under Vicky Dumaine's
leadership held a successful benefit shoot for Autism. The shoot was well attended and raised close to $900 for the benefit.
✓ Bullseye /Air Pistol held a clinic a
couple of weeks hosted by John Green and Tom Wilczek. It was attended by over 15 shooters. A good time and learning experience was had by all. A number of the shooters at the clinic started shooting Wednesday Night Bullseye league.
✓ The Outdoor season has come to a
conclusion. It was very successful for all disciplines - IDPA, Steel, Silhouette and Bullseye. A big thank you for ALL the people that volunteered to help at the events. A special thank you goes
to Bob Wescott and Steve Berthiaume who picked up IDPA mid season and never allowed it to miss a beat.
✓ The indoor range backstop has been
refurbished with de-leading, more sand and new rubber front cover. Thanks to the members who helped on this project.
✓ The Gadoury men are going to repaint the indoor floor early - mid November. We are trying an epoxy/latex paint and the high wear areas will be getting another clear epoxy coat on top. Hopefully we can get a few years out of this paint before we have to paint the floor again.
✓ John Bates hosted a few weeks ago a
"Women on Target" program at the Sunset club. He had to turn away participants. He will be hosting the program at Pioneer in the spring or summer. More information to follow.
✓ We were looking into staining the club house, but a vote was taken at the annual meeting to leave the club house as is. It appears you New Englanders like the rustic barn look.
✓ The BOD is looking at which projects
we should try to accomplish this year. We are looking for ideas. Please feel free to send them to Tom Wilczek - President - at
✓ If you did not renew your membership
yet and want to, please contact Chris LeGros - Vice President at
✓ Some members of CREW 556 will be
traveling to GA this weekend to attend US Army Marksmanship Unit training program and participate in a shoot. The Crew also won the junior team event at a recent Sig Sauer practical pistol match.
✓ Reminder BOD meetings are open to
the membership and we encourage you to attend. They are the 3rd Monday of the month at Blasers Fireside in Hopkinton. The meetings start at 6:30PM. Also please display your membership card while using club facilities; it is a club rule and a legal requirement for us.